A Statutory Body of the Ministry of Health

South East Regional Health Authority

Senior Management Team

Ms. Maureen Golding

Regional Director

Mrs. Beverley Needham

Parish Manager, St. Catherine Health Services

Mrs. Colleen Wright

Parish Manager, St. Thomas Health Services

Mr. Mark Martin

Parish Manager, Kingston and St. Andrew Health Services

Dr. Dutris Bourne

Regional Technical Director

Mrs. Brenda Walden Anderson

Chief Internal Auditor

Ms. K'Trina Brown

Director of Finance

Ms. Pauline Roberts

Director of Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations

Mr. Claudius Ramsay

Senior Projects Manager

Mr. Jareth Daley

Director of Operations and Maintenance

Mr. Errol Greene

Chief Executive Officer, KPH/VJH

Mrs. Taneisha Lewis

Public Relations Officer