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Jamaica Surpasses Epidemic Threshold for Dengue

Jan 03, 2019  |  Kingston

The Ministry of Health has put Jamaicans on alert, after the dengue virus surpassed the epidemic threshold for the month of December.

“One hundred and twenty three (123) dengue case reports (suspected, presumed and confirmed) were received for the month of December 2018,” Minister of Health Dr. Christopher Tufton told journalists during an emergency press conference on Thursday (January 3).

“This exceeded the outbreak threshold of 96 cases for December – the first monthfor 2018 in which the number of cases exceeded the outbreak threshold. As at today, 830 reported cases have been classified as suspected, presumed or confirmed,” he added. Having been concerned about the extent of the increase over the last number of months, the Ministry had put in place a number of response measures, including the extension of the EVC programme to March 2019 to include the employment of an additional 500 temporary workers, who will join the effort to identify and eliminate mosquito breeding sites.

For further information, members of the public can contact the Ministry of Health at 888-ONE-LOVE (663-5683).

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