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South East Regional Health Authority

Greater Portmore Health Centre Renovated

Mar 12, 2019  |  Kingston

Patients are expected to enjoy improved health care service delivery as a result of the recent renovation of the Greater Portmore Health  Centre  in St. Catherine.

The work, undertaken through the South East Regional Health Authority, included painting of the facility’s internal and external walls, renovation of patients' bathroom, improve   external lighting, installation of new Air        Conditioning Units in the Public Health  Inspectors’ Offices and a section of the ceiling in the mental health building has been replaced.

The Greater Portmore Health Centre is one of four primary care facilities that serve the residents of Portmore.

It offers a wide range of health care services including pharmacy, laboratory, family planning, curative and dental. It serves  residents from communities such as Hellshire, Portmore Pines and 5 East and West, with a patient load of 42,291 in 2018.


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