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South East Regional Health Authority

SERHA Support Staff Receive Infection Control Training

Mar 09, 2017  |  Kingston

Approximately 25 support staff from the Kingston and St. Andrew Health Services have received basic training in infection prevention and control (ICP).

The training is geared towards boosting the capacity of these health care workers in the application of ICP in the execution of assigned duties. This will help to prevent the spread of infectious diseases in the health facilities where they work.

The support staff, also known as ancillary workers, are critical partners in safeguarding the health of patients and are frontline workers in terms of minimising the risk of infection through the various cleaning regimes applied.

The training not only arms them with the knowledge to keep the staff and patients safe, but also provides an excellent foundation for understanding the associated risks of and the proper procedures for effective hygienic cleaning.

The training is the first of two planned workshops, with the second slated to take place on April 13, 2017 and will target 40 additional support staff.

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